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What my clients are saying:


I was very pleased with Keri Lynn's integrative nutritional services.  I used the food sensitivity testing (LEAP) she recommended. The number and severity of headaches I had been experiencing were greatly reduced as a result of avoiding the food allergens that were identified.  Her nutritional evaluation and recommendations for my particular needs proved to be beneficial.  I highly recommend her services!

Angela, New York


I met Keri Lynn in the summer of 2015 when I had been having acid reflux for about a year and a half.   Keri Lynn spent hours getting to know me and understand what was causing my reflux.   She helped me go through the process of getting off of H2 Blockers and for that I am eternally grateful to her.   Today, thanks to her help, I am free and clear of H2 Blockers and acid reflux.   She is always available to answer questions on email and has helped put me on a path to much better health and wellness.

Stephanie in NY


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