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The easiest way to help you meet your health goals is to let the nutrition experts do the work!

We create the meal plans, you enjoy the simplicity.


Tired of that dreadful question….

“What’s for dinner?”. Most of us dread thinking about what to make for meals and wish there was an easier way to eat healthy without all the time planning.


I have good news…


Now you can enjoy ready-to-make meal plans personally curated for you, by me, for just a few dollars a month!


Each meal plan provides:

  • ·     Healthy, balanced and delicious meals!

    ·     Detailed, accurate easy-to-follow recipes and grocery lists based on your personalized weekly menu.

    ·     Meal plans are customized by a nutrition professional to include real, whole foods to promote glycemic control, manage your weight and reduce inflammation associated with disease.


These meal plans are designed to get YOU back in the kitchen.

Here’s how it works:


This anti-inflammatory plan contains low-glycemic whole food recipes promoting anti-inflammatory eating.

NOTE: This plan is gluten-free and light on grains.

3-Day Plan

5-Day Plan

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